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The Automotive Technician is a unique magazine-website-training combination to help the technicians of Australia and New Zealand improve their skills and earning potential through knowledge sharing and training.

Technicians from all facets of automotive repair are invited to become subscribers to TaT to receive the following benefits:

  • Six issues of the TaT magazine (one year's supply), delivered to your postal address
  • Access to an ever expanding database of technical case studies covering a range of problems in all makes of vehicles
  • Access to an on-line technical problem assistance service
  • Access to dynamic and relevant training programs covering electrics, electronics, scan tools, engine management systems and business improvement

TaT is a breath of fresh air for the technicians of Australasia, and from the feedback we receive they are thoroughly enjoying it. The magazine, combined with its active website and training programs, provides an exciting platform for those with products to sell and messages to deliver.

The number of subscribers to TaT continues to grow. Emails we have received confirm our view that the technicians of Australia and New Zealand appreciate this vibrant new way to absorb knowledge which will ultimately reward them through greater work satisfaction and profitability for their special knowledge.

Meet members of the TaT Tech Team and listen to their passion as they explain the new TaTassist service for our subscribers

Read the latest in the campaign to  allow independent workshops to access the same data and software covering all vehicles, which is currently only available to dealerships. CLICK HERE

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On Monday 2 April 2014, the ability of any member of the public to read our magazine without paying for the privilege was withdrawn.

We thought we were performing a worthwhile service to the workshop community, but recent phone calls have forced a change in heart. One arrogant fellow even had the gall to phone and complain that we were a little late with the February issue. He was asked if he was a subscriber, and the answer was 'Why would I join when I can read it for free. Then he demanded to know when it would be uploaded.'

We are flattered that we are good enough for non-subscribers to read, but he, and others of his ilk, have now ruined it for others. Only subscribers to the TaT magazine can now download and read any issue, any time, after they logon. We apologise to others who were enjoying the read, but we feel that at AUD$130 a year, it's within any technician's budget to sign up as a subscriber.

Besides that, it is a little unfair to subscribers to allow non-payers free access to the magazine.




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