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There are now many good reasons why air conditioning technicians in Australia should never again even think about using a highly flammable hydrocarbon refrigerant in any customer's mobile air conditioning system. Thanks to efforts by VASA in lodging an FOI request on the West Australian Government, the full story of the horrific Perth explosion in a work truck which seriously injured two men is out in the open. The independent investigation has recommended a total ban on the use of flammable refrigerants in retrofits and new installations until satisfactory engineering standards are established and suitable components become available for retrofits and new installations in both mobile and stationary equipment. But don't take our word for it. Follow this link to start reading the story which should bring an end to the use of flammables in equipment not designed for it – and that includes every passenger car ever made.

Go to www.vasa.org.au and follow the news links for the very latest.

TaT head trainer Jeff Smit and co-director Deyan Barrie founded TaT about seven years ago, convinced that the time was fast approaching when technicians would need to change their ways and share information through a trusted and independent network. They have accurately forecast the future and now they are stepping up their program to encourage technicians and mechanics to get involved in the TaT network and ensure the future profitability of their businesses. The TaT philosophy was captured at a recent Auto Partners trade night, when Jeff Smit made it abundantly clear what needs to be done to become future proof. Enjoy this short video and excuse some of the hand-held bumps.

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The Automotive Technician is a unique magazine-website-training combination to help the technicians of Australia and New Zealand improve their skills and earning potential through knowledge sharing and training.

Technicians from all facets of automotive repair are invited to become subscribers to TaT to receive the following benefits:

  • Six issues of the TaT magazine (one year's supply), delivered to your postal address
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  • Access to an on-line technical problem assistance service
  • Access to dynamic and relevant training programs covering electrics, electronics, scan tools, engine management systems and business improvement

TaT is a breath of fresh air for the technicians of Australasia, and from the feedback we receive they are thoroughly enjoying it. The magazine, combined with its active website and training programs, provides an exciting platform for those with products to sell and messages to deliver.

The number of subscribers to TaT continues to grow. Emails we have received confirm our view that the technicians of Australia and New Zealand appreciate this vibrant new way to absorb knowledge which will ultimately reward them through greater work satisfaction and profitability for their special knowledge.

Meet members of the TaT Tech Team and listen to their passion as they explain the TaTassist service for our subscribers 

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The TaT magazine looks for the characters and the personalities of the automotive repair industry to feature in the cover story in every issue. You can enjoy these stories by becoming a subscriber. Click on the subscription form above and become a member of the most exciting automotive network in Australasia.

Below is a brief clip from the story on Action Auto Electrics in Brisbane, which this year celebrated its 40th anniversary.

Editor Ken Newton interviewed the founder Geoff Anderson. Enjoy his insights into the industry he loves.



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