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The Automotive Technician Business Directory

It makes sense to have your vehicles maintained by a TaT network member.

  TaT technicians are intelligent and dedicated specialists who are part of a network of professionals sharing knowledge, information and experience.

  The TaT team work diligently at keeping members updated with all technologies, trends and industry news developing in the ever-changing automotive world.

  With TaT's vast library of databases, diagnostic tools and our technical assistance platform our members are equipped to take on any task you require from the general maintenance and repair through to the more difficult diagnostic tasks.

A & S Bier Motors


An independent, family-run business based in central Victoria, A & S Bier Motors are a one-of-a-kind company given that we service and repair almost anything, and stock the area's largest and most diverse selection of automotive spare parts. We've been in business for over four decades and have developed a strong reputation for our premium products and excellent customer service.  We are a VACC Accredited Automobile Repairer and have over 50 Years of industry experience.  Contact us to see why we are Heathcote's leader for automotive parts and accessories, servicing and repairs.  If you require a professional mechanic in the Heathcote area, we're the team to trust.