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The Automotive Technician

The Automotive Technician (TaT) was established in 2007 by a group of far-sighted technicians who realized that for the aftermarket to prosper it would be essential for technicians to share their knowledge, information and experience.

TaT is a unique platform that provides members with practical information and diagnostic solutions straight from the workshop floor. Information of the kind that you won’t find in a call centre, manual or wiring diagram.

TaT shares its information through its technical magazine, repair database, technical help service, Scan data database, diagnostic programs and training seminars.


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TAT Magazine: Get Australasia’s No.1 technical automotive magazine mailed to you six times per year plus search over 2000 pages of past editions online.

Repair Solutions: Get access to over 2500 diagnostic repair solutions searchable by vehicle, problem and fault code. Each fortnight we upload 20 new repair solutions.

Good Scan/Scope Data: Get access to over 17000 good scan tool and scope-data uploads to compare to the bad data you have retrieved from your vehicle.

Technical Assistance: Get technical assistance from the TaT Tech team and fellow members.

Diagnostic programs: Get access to 20 in-house designed diagnostic calculators and software programs.

Fault code database: Get access to an electronically logged database of over 8000 fault code definitions.




Change the way you diagnose problem vehicles. Forever.

The Automotive Technician (TaT) is your gateway to a new world of practical technical know-how and repair solutions. Built from decades of hands-on industry expertise, straight from the workshop floor, it’s the kind of information you won’t find in a call centre, manual or wiring diagram. Instead, you’ll enjoy touch-button access to a vast database of easy-to-use diagnostic repair information – fully searchable by vehicle, symptom and fault code – saving you time and money every day.

Change the way you diagnose problem vehicles.


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Latest Repair Solutions

Holden VE Commodore 2008 3.6L, PETROL/LPG LE0 (HB) V6 24v DOHC VVT MPFI (Check engine light)

Engine MIL remaining on during driving. Owner had been to his general repairer, and this issue has not been fixed. They had listed code on their invoice P2176 – Min throttle position not learned (limited description).

Nissan Tiida 2006 1.8L MR18DE i4 16v DOHC VVT MPFI (Wiring up Accessories)

Owner had purchased an audio head unit at local auto shop and wanted it fitted. Usual company policy in many workshops is "we only fit what we supply" - which was not the case here. But after advising the owner of the policy, and any supplied unit comes with no warranty and no estimate on repair cost etc, - they insisted on the unit being fitted.

Mazda BT-50 2016 3.2L P5AT i5 20v DOHC I/C Turbo CRD Auto (Stop lights)

Left rear stop light not working. The vehicle has a tray fitted, with normal trailer style tail-light assemblies. Another repairer had a looked at this issue and had replaced the globe. Because the light still did not operate, a new light assembly was recommended by this repairer.

Honda Accord 2008 3.5L, J35Z2 V6 24v SOHC VTEC MPFI (Long cranking cold/slow to fire up.)

Engine won’t fire up intermittently, engine MIL flickers and intermittent flutter at cruise. Another repairer had a look at this same fault previously. The high kms were noted, when booked in - 240,500kms.

Volvo V70 2004 2.5L B5254T2 i5 20v DOHC VVT Turbo MPFI (Instruments)

Fuel gauge not showing correct fuel level in tank. Customer advised that when tank last filled, gauge only indicated just over half full.

Volkswagen Transporter 2011 DIESEL, CFCA i4 16v DOHC Twin Turbo TDI (Warning light/Electrical malfunction )

Dash warning light flashing - Oil light. Some previous wiring repairs had been undertaken at the rear of the engine. Repairs were to address heat/exhaust damaged wiring, with multiple attempts made.



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