TaT magazine

Bimonthly trade magazine

The TaT magazine is the shop window of the TaT network. It is mostly written by technicians for technicians, and is full of useful technical information, ideas and fixes for a variety of vehicles. The magazine is independent and researches and writes its own technical articles.

  • 66% of readers read the magazine from cover to cover
  • 71% of readers have been inspired to inquire about products advertised in the magazine
  • 94% of readers keep the magazine for future reference
  • 90% of readers say there is no other magazine that they receive that they would rate higher than TaT for usefulness
  • 68% of readers use the TaT's a fact database for diagnostic solutions and ideas
  • 74% of readers say reading TaT's a facts have saved them time with problem jobs
  • 67% of readers find the TaTassist service very useful

2015 official readership survey

Six magazines per year are directly mailed to TaT members and in the members’ area of the TaT website every edition of the magazine since it first began in February 2008 can be read online.

This is a great resource if you want to search specific articles relating to a vehicle you are currently working on.

It is no longer economically feasible to tackle diagnostics on your own.


Here are some back copies of the magazines. Please click on them to read.