Technical assistance

Technical assistance from the TaT Tech Team and fellow TaT members

If you can’t find a solution to your problem in the Repair Solutions database your next point of call is Technical assistance.

Technical assistance is an online technical assistance service, offering members direct internet access to the TaT Tech Team of experienced technicians and mechanics who will guide you and provide helpful advice on your current diagnostic problem.

The team will respond as quickly as possible, provided you give as much detailed information about your problem as possible on the online Technical assistance form.

But the answer you are looking for might come from any TaT member because your problem is shared with the membership. This may not only provide you with a good solution, but it also helps to share information around the network – and that’s what TaT is all about, sharing ideas, knowledge and experience.

To help you even further, and perhaps to save you a lot of lost time, TaT has provided a series of Diagnostic Check Lists, each containing a schedule of tests for the  most common faults.

Don’t tackle diagnostics on your own. Become a member and let the TaT network help you diagnose your vehicle problems.